Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thursday, November 4, 2010

1st CFP for NTCIR-9 INTENT and 1CLICK out now!

NTCIR-9 runs seven tasks:
Intent (INTENT), Recognizing Inference in TExt (RITE), Geotemporal Information Retrieval (GeoTime), IR for Spoken Documents (SpokenDoc), Cross-Lingual Link Discovery (CrossLink), Interactive Visual Exploration (Vis-Ex) and Patent Machine Translation (PatentMT)

Hideo Joho and I are working as the evaluation co-chairs of NTCIR-9.

Also, I am one of the task organisers of
INTENT and One Click Access (1CLICK) which is officially a subtask of INTENT but actually more like a separate task.

INTENT Subtasks:
Subtopic Mining - given a query, list up possible intents;
Document Ranking - selectively diversify search results to cover different intents
1CLICK - return a fixed length text that immediately satisfies the user

We have started distributing the first call for participation for INTENT and 1CLICK.
Please visit the above pages and consider participating.

If you are interested in any of the NTCIR-9 tasks,
please note that the task participant registration closes on December 20, 2010.

The NTCIR-9 final meeting will take place December 6-9, 2011 at NII, Tokyo, Japan.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Accepted NTCIR-9 Tasks

The NTCIR-9 task selection commitee and
the evaluation chairs have accepted
the following tasks.
Updates will be announced at the
NTCIR website.


Intent (with One-Click Access subtask)

Recognizing Natural Language Inference

Geotemporal information retrieval

IR for Spoken Documents


Cross-lingual Link Discovery

Evaluation Framework of Interactive Information Access

Patent Machine Translation

Friday, May 21, 2010

My publications coming up at EVIA 2010 / NTCIR-8

Just to remind myself...

Sakai, T., Craswell, N., Song, R., Robertson, S., Dou, Z. and Lin, C.-Y.:
Simple Evaluation Metrics for Diversified Search Results,
EVIA 2010 Proceedings, 2010.

Sakai, T. and Lin, C.-Y.:
Ranking Retrieval Systems without Relevance Assessments – Revisited,
EVIA 2010 Proceedings, 2010.

Song, R., Qi, D., Liu, H., Sakai, T., Nie, J.-Y., Hon, H.-W. and Yu, Y.:
Constructing a Test Collection with Multi-Intent Queries,
EVIA 2010 Proceedings, 2010.

Gey, F., Larson, R., Kando, N., Machado, J. and Sakai, T.:
NTCIR-GeoTime Overview: Evaluating Geographic and Temporal Search,
NTCIR-8 Proceedings, 2010.

Ishikawa, D., Sakai, T. and Kando, N.:
Overview of the NTCIR-8 Community QA Pilot Task (Part I): The Test Collection and the Task,
NTCIR-8 Proceedings, 2010.

Mitamura, T., Shima, H., Sakai, T., Kando, N., Mori, T., Takeda, K., Lin, C.-Y., Song, R., Lin, C.-J. and Lee, C.-W.:
Overview of the NTCIR-8 ACLIA Tasks: Advanced Cross-Lingual Information Access,
NTCIR-8 Proceedings, 2010.

Sakai, T., Ishikawa, D. and Kando, N.:
Overview of the NTCIR8 Community QA Pilot Task (Part II): System Evaluation,
NTCIR-8 Proceedings, 2010.

Sakai, T., Shima, H., Kando, N., Song, R., Lin, C.-J., Mitamura, T., Sugimoto, M. and Lee, C.-W.:
Overview of NTCIR-8 ACLIA IR4QA,
NTCIR-8 Proceedings, 2010.

Song, Y.-I., Liu, J., Sakai, T., Wang, X.-J., Feng, G., Cao, Y., Suzuki, H. and Lin, C.-Y.:
Microsoft Research Asia with Redmond at the NTCIR-8 Community QA Pilot Task,
NTCIR-8 Proceedings, 2010.

They will be available online at

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