Friday, April 23, 2010


CALL FOR PAPERS (AIRS 2010; Taipei, Taiwan)

The Sixth Asia Information Retrieval Societies Conference (AIRS 2010)
December 1-3, 2010 at Conference Hall, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
In cooperation with ACM SIGIR and ACLCLP ROCLING

The Asia Information Retrieval Societies Conference (AIRS) aims to bring together
researchers and developers to exchange new ideas and latest achievements in the
field of information retrieval (IR). The scope of the conference covers
applications, systems, technologies and theory aspects of information retrieval
in text, audio, image, video, and multimedia data. The AIRS 2010 welcomes
submissions of original papers in the broad field of information retrieval.
Technical issues covered include, but are not limited to the following:

1. IR Models and Theories

2. User Study, IR Evaluation, and Interactive IR

3. Web IR, Scalability, and Adversarial IR

4. Multimedia IR

5. NLP for IR (eg. Cross-/Multi- Language IR, Question Answering,
Summarization, Information Extraction)

6. Machine Learning and Data Mining for IR (eg. Learning to Rank, Classification,

7. IR Applications (eg. Digital Libraries, Vertical Search, Mobile IR)

Accepted papers will be published as part of the LNCS series by Springer, and will be EI-indexed.


June 30, 2010 Submissions due
July 31, 2010 Notification of acceptance
August 14, 2010 Camera-ready due
November 1, 2010 Registration deadline
December 1-3, 2010 AIRS 2010


The AIRS 2010 proceedings will be published as an LNCS volume, so please follow
the default author instructions available at

In addition, please anonymize your paper to facilitate blind reviewing,
and make sure your paper is no longer than 12 pages in the LNCS format.
Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will be rejected unconditionally.

Duplicate submissions (the same paper being submitted to AIRS 2010 and
to another conference at the same time) are strictly forbidden; if
detected, these submissions will be unconditionally rejected.

For paper submission and related information, please visit the AIRS 2010 website.


Honorary Conference Chair:
Si-Chen Lee, President, National Taiwan University

Conference Chair:
Pu-Jen Cheng, National Taiwan University

Publication Chair:
Preslav Nakov, National University of Singapore

Finance Chair:
Lun-Wei Ku, National Taiwan University

Program Committee Co-Chairs:
Wai Lam, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Min-Yen Kan, National University of Singapore

Chien-Wen Chen, National Taiwan University


IR Models and Applications
Min Zhang, Tsinghua University
Bin Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences

User Study, IR Evaluation, and Interactive IR
Tetsuya Sakai, Microsoft Research Asia
William Webber, University of Melbourne

Web IR, Scalability, and Adversarial IR
Joemon Jose, University of Glasgow

Multimedia IR
Winston Hsu, National Taiwan University
Kazunari Sugiyama, National University of Singapore

NLP for IR
Timothy Baldwin, University of Melbourne
Atsushi Fujii, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Machine Learning and Data Mining for IR
Tie-Yan Liu, Microsoft Research Asia
Yi Zhang, University of California Santa Cruz

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Papers accepted for EVIA 2010

Sukomal Pal , Mandar Mitra and Samaresh Maiti. Estimating Pool-depth on Per Query Basis (SHORT)

William Webber, Alistair Moffat and Justin Zobel . The Effect of Pooling and Evaluation Depth on Metric Stability

Maristella Agosti , Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio, Marco Dussin and Nicola Ferro . 10 Years of CLEF Data in DIRECT: Achievements and Perspectives (SHORT)

Tetsuya Sakai and Chin-Yew Lin. Ranking Retrieval Systems without Relevance Assessments – Revisited

Ian Soboroff. Test Collection Diagnosis and Treatment

Tetsuya Sakai, Nick Craswell , Ruihua Song, Stephen Robertson, Zhicheng Dou and Chin-Yew Lin. Simple Evaluation Metrics for Diversified Search Results

Ruihua Song, Dongjie Qi, Hua Liu, Tetsuya Sakai, Jian-Yun Nie, Hsiao-Wuen Hon and Yong Yu . Constructing a Test Collection with Multi-Intent Queries

Katrin Lamm, Thomas Mandl , Christa Womser-Hacker and Werner Greve. The Influence of Expectation and System Performance on User Satisfaction with Retrieval Systems

Keun Chan Park , Jihee Ryu , Kyung-min Kim and Sung Hyon Myaeng . An Evaluation Method for Subjective Tasks

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Looking for a light laptop?

My five-year-old has designed and assembled this cool laptop.
I've tried it - it's extremely light and small and perfect
for business trips. Runs Windows 7; PowerPoint preinstalled.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My important dates 2010 version 3

Apr 06 NTCIR-8 CQA runs due
Apr 08 NTCIR-8 ACLIA participants papers due
Apr 16 IIiX 2010 reviewers assigned
Apr 18 EVIA 2010 reviews due
Apr 20 EVIA 2010 acceptance notification
Apr 20 NTCIR-8 CQA pilot task results released
Apr 23 NTCIR-8 ACLIA feedback from organisers to participants
Apr 28-30 RIAO 2010 [Paris]
Apr 30 NTCIR-8 early registration deadline
May 02 NTCIR-8 CQA pilot task participants papers due
May 02 CLEF 2010 submissions due
May 06 NTCIR-8 CQA pilot task feedback from organisers to participants
May 10 EVIA 2010 final manuscripts due
May 15 NTCIR-8 final manuscripts due
May 16 IIiX 2010 reviews due
May 27 CIKM 2010 abstracts due
May 28 CLEF 2010 review deadline
Jun 3 CIKM 2010 papers due
Jun 15 EVIA 2010 [Tokyo]
Jun 15-18 NTCIR-8 [Tokyo]
Jun 30? AIRS 2010 submissions due
Jul 3? AIRS 2010 reviewer assignment
Jul 15 CIKM 2010 acceptance notification
Jul 18-23 SIGIR 2010 [Geneva]
Jul 25? AIRS 2010 reviews due
Jul 28? AIRS 2010 metareviews due
Jul 31 AIRS 2010 acceptance notification
Aug 4 DBS +IFAT@Aoyama Gakuin U
Aug 14 AIRS 2010 camera-ready
Aug 15 CIKM 2010 camera-ready
Oct 27-29 CIKM 2010 [Toronto]
Nov 1 AIRS 2010 registration deadline
Dec 1-3 AIRS 2010 [Taipei]

Friday, April 2, 2010

NTCIR-9 "Shoten" Task?

NTCIR-8 Community QA Pilot Taskというもののオーガナイザ兼参加者になった関係で、Yahoo!知恵袋のデータを眺めたりしているのだが、例えば

Q: 世界は僕中心に回っていますか?
Best Answer: いいえ私を中心に回っています。<以下略>

のように、Qの有用性が低かったり、質問者が選んだbest answerがゴミだったりすることが結構多い。そこで上記タスクでは、best answerによるシステム評価とは別に、4人の判定者に各回答の質をなるべく客観的に絶対評価してもらったデータによるシステム評価も行うことにしている。


でもUGCっておもしろいね。NTCIR-9ではMOATあたりと連携して、Community QA Taskをもっと盛り上げよう。