Friday, March 6, 2009

Reviews, Metareviews, Medical exams

- Reviewed 4 papers for ACL-IJCNLP 2009.
- Reviewed 4 posters for SIGIR 2009.
- Metareviewed 15 papers for SIGIR 2009; 2 more still in discussion.

A medical exam is required for my Chinese visa application. But several Japanese hospitals have refused to do it for me because the medical check form is in English. All that's required of them is to write "normal", "normal male" etc. but they are not up to it. Such is life in Japan.


  1. Perhaps the hospitals were just reluctant to class you as a "normal male", but were too polite to tell you so.


    (I am now about to press a button in Japanese more or less at random. I hope it says "submit".)

  2. William,
    They didn't do the tests,
    so they couldn't have known that I'm not normal.

  3. I should have contacted this hospital
    in the first place.