Friday, August 7, 2009

SIGIR 2009 workshop relevance feedback

Reading the feedback forms for
the SIGIR workshop on the Future of IR Evaluation
(Thanks to Diane Kelly).
18 people were kind enough to fill out the form.
Overall, people seemed to have enjoyed it.

Here's part of one person's response:
Q: Was the content of this workshop what you expected? (1=not at all; 5=absolutely)
A: 2
Q:How much did you enjoy this workshop? (1=not at all; 5=a lot)
A: 4
Q: If this workshop were offered next year at SIGIR, would you attend? (1=no way; 5=absolutely)
A: 1
So he's not coming back, but I'm glad that he enjoyed it this time!

And here's an interesting question:
Q:Did you tweet/blog about this workshop?

Only 2 said yes. 14 said no.
2 said "What's a tweet?"

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