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Preliminary CFP: EVIA 2010

***** Preliminary CALL FOR PAPERS *****

The Third International Workshop on Evaluating Information Access
(EVIA 2010), a Satellite Workshop of NTCIR-8

June 15, 2010 at NII, Tokyo, Japan.

Information Access technologies provide the interface between
human information needs and digital information resources. The
reliable evaluation of these technologies has been recognized for
decades as central to the advancement of the field. As information
retrieval becomes more pervasive, the forms of retrieval
more diverse, and retrieval tools richer, the importance of
effective, efficient, and innovative evaluation grows as well.
In recognition of the need for a forum dedicated to the intensive
discussion of evaluation issues, we have held two successful
International Workshops on Evaluating Information Access (EVIA
2007 and 2008). Proceedings and reports can be found below:

EVIA 2007 online proceedings:
EVIA 2008 online proceedings:

SIGIR Forum Report on EVIA 2007:
SIGIR Forum Report on EVIA 2008:

Following these successes, we are happy to announce the Third
International Workshop on Evaluating Information Access (EVIA
2010) on June 15, 2010 (coinciding with Day 1 of the NTCIR-8
Workshop Meeting) at the National Institute of Informatics (NII),
Tokyo, Japan. We invite papers addressing one or more of the
following topics:

- Test collection formation, evaluation metrics, and evaluation
- Statistical issues in retrieval evaluation
- User studies and the evaluation of human-computer interaction
in information retrieval (HCIR)
- Evaluation methods for multilingual, multimedia, or mobile
information access
- Novel information access tasks and their evaluation
- Evaluation and assessment using implicit user feedback,
crowdsourcing, living labs, or inferential methods
- Evaluation issues in industrial and enterprise retrieval


Submissions will be subject to double-blind reviewing. Accepted
papers will be included in the EVIA 2010 online proceedings, and
summarized in a report to SIGIR Forum.

We invite submissions of regular papers (up to 9 pages) and
short papers (up to 5 pages).
Details will soon be announced on the EVIA 2010 website:


- March 31, 2010 *submissions due*
- April 18, 2010 notification of acceptance
- May 10, 2010 final manuscripts due
- June 15, 2010 EVIA 2010@NII, Tokyo, Japan
- June 15-18, 2010 NTCIR-8@NII, Tokyo, Japan


Akiko Aizawa NII Japan
Javed Aslam Northeastern University USA
Nicholas Belkin Rutgers University USA
Ben Carterette University of Delaware USA
Charlie Clarke University of Waterloo Canada
Georges Dupret Yahoo! Research Chile
Norbert Fuhr Universitaet Duisburg-Essen Germany
Atsushi Fujii Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan
Donna Harman NIST USA
Hideo Joho University of Tsukuba Japan
Gareth Jones Dublin City University Ireland
Noriko Kando NII Japan
Evangelos Kanoulas University of Sheffield UK
Jaana Kekalainen University of Tampere Finland
Mounia Lalmas University of Glasgow UK
Gary Geunbae Lee POSTECH Korea
Mun-Kew Leong National Library Board Singapore
Jimmy Lin University of Maryland USA
Chin-Yew Lin Microsoft Research Asia China
Iadh Ounis University of Glasgow UK
Carol Peters IEI-CNR Italy
Ian Ruthven University of Strathclyde UK
Tetsuya Sakai Microsoft Research Asia China
Mark Sanderson University of Sheffield UK
Falk Scholer RMIT University Australia
Ian Soboroff NIST USA
Paul Thomas CSIRO Australia
William Webber University of Melbourne Australia
Emine Yilmaz Microsoft Research Cambridge UK

*** EVIA 2010 CO-CHAIRS ***

William Webber (University of Melbourne, Australia)
wew at
Mark Sanderson (University of Sheffield, UK)
m.sanderson at
Tetsuya Sakai (Microsoft Research Asia, China)
tetsuyasakai at

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