Monday, May 11, 2009

1:Microsoft 2:Yahoo! 3:Google

78 regular papers have been accepted at SIGIR 2009.
23 from Microsoft (8 from MSRA),
7 from Yahoo! and 3 from Google,
where, for example, "from Microsoft" means at least
one author is from Microsoft for each paper.

Is there a way to make this distribution
correlate with the share of web searches?
(Note: I'm looking for a solution other than
"Make all MS researchers give up on SIGIR.")


  1. There may be a negative correlation between market dominance in a technology and willingness to take part in advancing the state of public knowledge about that technology. Perhaps check the proportion of Microsoft, Sun, and IBM papers in Operating Systems conferences?

    The other explanation may be that this is why you were hired to MSRA: to decrease their SIGIR acceptance rate and thus increase their market share.


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