Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 1 at MSRA

From my apartment to the nearest subway station: 10 minutes on foot.
Subway ride: 20 minutes. My subway line is new, so the trains are clean, with good air conditioning. I can avoid the rush hours.
Zhichunlu (知春路) station to MSRA: 3 minutes on foot.
This is all very good, by Japanese standards.

What did I do at MSRA today?
I signed lots of Chinese documents that I cannot read, and
verified that this is not just a chopping board.


  1. Do you find local people assume you're Chinese and expect you to be able to speak the language? What do you do when this happens? Or do you walk around with a rising-sun "Banzai!" headband on so people know you're Japanese. (Note: I am not recommending that you do this.)

  2. > What do you do when this happens?

    Every time this happens,
    I apologize in Japanese and
    commit harakiri.

    There's security check at every subway
    station in Beijing,
    so the harakiri sword which I carry with me is causing problems...
    (The first half of this sentence is true by the way.)