Friday, July 17, 2009

Redmond, God

Now I'm in Redmond.
The immigration officer at San Francisco Airport
was puzzled to see a Japanese guy
emerge from a plane from Beijing,
wearing an Ichiro T-shirt.
When I told him I work for Microsoft Researh Asia,
he (an XP user) instantly complained about Vista.
Of course I told him to wait for Windows 7.
But we really should listen to what he said:
"You change things too often!"

The customer is god.

Note that Haruo Minami the singer never said this.
what he actually meant was "The audience is god".

A memorandum from my twelve-hour flight from Beijing to San Francisco:
A fourteen-year-old Chinese girl, avid fan of Japanese comic books,
especially Death Note, sat next to me. I hope she will become a manga artist
some day and make her dreams come true.

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