Tuesday, July 21, 2009

SIGIR 2009 - Monday

Attended the IRJ editorial board lunch meeting.
Presented a poster at the reception in the evening.

Sue Dumais is the second MSR researcher to receive the Salton Award. (The first is Steve Robertson.)

She's saying that, while documents have kept growing in size and diversity, the query input interface has not changed. Basically no progress here.

Google's paper: good abandonment = user finds the answer in the first result page. The comparison across US/Japan/China is interesting.

Posters and flyers

Leif presenting three posters at the same time



Sakai & Nogami poster


  1. I've read several blog posts now commenting that the comparison between US/China/Japan on "good abandonment" was interesting... but no-one has actually said what the comparison was! What is the difference between the three locales?

  2. That's the idea - the entire IR community has agreed to tantalise you so that you will attend SIGIR next year.

    I will send you the pdf.
    What I found "interesting" was Figure 4.
    "Puzzling" may be the right word.